Autonomy and Alignment

Each school within the trust has its own distinct ethos. There is alignment across the schools within the trust with respect to values, expectations, systems and operating procedures and in commissioning services.

There is also alignment on key policies relating to estates, finance and HR. A trust-wide recruitment and retention programme ensures that talent is captured and nurtured.

As the trust grows, there will be alignment of key educational policies across all the schools. A school improvement strategy is currently facilitated by a commonality of assessment and reporting procedures with aligned data collection points. The intention is to work towards having the same exam syllabi being used across the schools in the trust where this is mutually agreed by Headteachers.

Autonomy is demonstrated in the individual cultures of the schools within the trust: distinct uniforms, the individual school’s own relationship with the community and its own networks. The trust will not rename or brand established schools that join. The naming and blueprinting of Croxley Danes in the image of St Clement Danes was a deliberate policy to ensure that the brand new secondary school was successfully launched and grows confidently.