Vision and Values

Our vision is for the Danes Educational Trust to provide a forward-looking hub of primary and secondary schools that serves families in their local areas.

We are building a network of high performing schools in partnership with the local community and expect that secondary schools which join us will, in time, build hubs of their own with local primary schools.

We equip the learners within the Trust with the skills that they need to become confident, curious and courageous students and to nurture their talents so that they become happy twenty-first century global citizens.  We want our students to grow and develop from an early age so that they can be confident in their pursuits and passions, to be ever-curious in approaching new ideas and environments and to be prepared and courageous in their choices and decisions.

The Trust is characterised by an open culture that accepts accountability, is innovative, informed by research and supports competition. There is an expectation in all the schools within the Trust that:

  • all students make better than expected progress
  • teaching is routinely good or outstanding
  • all schools are striving for excellence
  • student enjoyment is high
  • there are high levels of stakeholder engagement and that Trust schools are at the heart of their communities
  • the schools are oversubscribed and held in high esteem by parents, students and staff
  • students are proud to say that they attend a school within the Danes Educational Trust


  • 09:27 - 10/07/2018 64% of Primary children met expected standards in Reading writing and maths this year compared to 61% last year. Reflects the quality of teaching and leadership in primary sector.
  • 05:20 - 10/07/2018 One of the best MAT development sessions we’ve ever run with the Danes Educational Trust last Friday. What a positive, self-challenging, thoughtful and passionate group of senior leaders. Looking ahead to how their trust can prepare students for a fast-changing world.
  • 05:11 - 10/07/2018 The end of year newsletter is now available to read on the website . Thank you to everyone who has helped make the year such a success!
  • 05:11 - 10/07/2018 We are hosting another FREE Physics TSST course for 2018 - 19. Specifically designed to develop the subject knowledge of qualified teachers who did not train as Physics teachers. For more information
  • 11:19 - 02/07/2018 Today is the day. Around 500 teachers from 6 different schools in our TSA coming together for a morning of inspiring key note speakers and curriculum group discussions. Adam Wright is just finishing with Andy Buck up next.
  • 11:18 - 02/07/2018 A pleasure to be at conference today here at , speaking to science teachers.
  • 08:34 - 10/06/2018 ICYMI Come and join the team! Exciting career opportunities at the school have just been advertised. Take a look: