Vision and Values

Making the difference together.

Core Values

  • We value joy in working, teaching and learning together
  • We encourage everyone within our Trust to feel optimistic about the future and how they can shape it
  • We support all individuals in developing resilience to enable them to change and grow as a result
  • We value and support the wellbeing of all individuals who learn and work in our schools
  • We provide equality of opportunity and experience for all
  • We provide a safe and secure learning environment for all

Core Behaviours

We are unified in our core behaviours. We display transparency, kindness and respect in all our interactions with others, and support each other in all our endeavours.  We are tenacious in our desire in making the difference together.

Diversity and Inclusion

Danes Educational Trust is committed to building a fair and inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and be of their best by embracing the differences they bring. 

Evidenced by our core values we recognise the importance of a safe and respectful place to work for our staff and learners, where there is no place for inequality of any kind.  

We continue to do everything we can to employ and educate without prejudice. To that end, we are partnering with a Diversity and Inclusion specialist externally to further review our position and seek ways in which we can continue to improve.

Pledges to our Learners

  • We will know you, listen to you and help you to know yourselves
  • We will support you to become successful, active, and independent
  • We want you to be curious, adaptable, creative and courageous
  • We will give you opportunities to reach your potential through taking risks and applying your learning beyond the classroom

Pledges to our Staff

  • We will maintain a face-to-face culture where you are known, valued and supported
  • We will nurture your talent, know your aspirations and provide you with rich, diverse and personalised development
  • We will encourage you to develop new initiatives and empower you to take these forward

Pledges to our Community

  • We will work closely with parents/carers, listen to you and take account of your views
  • We will work with governors and the local community to develop strong partnerships that support our families
  • We will work through regional, national and global partnerships to learn from others and share best practice