10 reasons to work for us

No 1Clarity of purpose - we have a clear vision that drives all we do


We aim to develop optimistic, resilient learners and valued, empowered staff through local, national and global partnerships. We make pledges to our learners, staff and community and strive ‘to make the difference together’.


No 2Learn from the best - we work with experienced professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge


We are fortunate in employing exceptional staff in our schools who are passionate about developing others and sharing their good practice. Constantly learning themselves, they are also open to refining what they do in response to innovative ideas, often from the newest of recruits.


No 3Network - we are outward facing, part of regional, national and global networks 


Known for our school to school support, we lead the local Teaching School Alliance, Science Learning Partnership and Challenge Partners Hub. Our CEO represents Trust schools nationally and we seek out opportunities for all our schools to engage in ‘World Class’ partnerships.


No 4Push boundaries - we will encourage you to try new things


We encourage staff to develop new initiatives and empower them to take these forward with support from a wide range of experienced colleagues. Opportunities to take on responsibility are there for those who seek them.


No 5Be your best self - we are passionate about excellence 


Our schools expect high standards from our learners and this enables our staff to develop excellent practice in the classroom. Our staff quickly become practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields, supported by experienced colleagues across the Trust.


No 6Fine tune - we provide world class CPD opportunities 


Strong links with the Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance help ensure that opportunities for a rich, diverse and personalised CPD are second to none. Learning experiences for staff are routinely embedded into the weekly life of our schools.


No 7Grow - we have a tradition of growing our people


There is a reason why turnover in our schools is so low: we look for opportunities for staff to develop their careers through becoming experts in their classroom and taking on opportunities to lead others. Our Trust enables staff to experience different settings so that they don't have to leave us to grow.


No 8Caring - we care about one another as individuals 


Our staff say that they feel cared for in our schools. Well-being of our staff and students is high on the agenda and leaders are responsive to the needs of their colleagues. Confidential assistance programmes are available for all staff when they need them. 


No 9Difference - we create an environment where you can make a difference to the lives of our young people 


Whether being given the support to start a club or being part of a Trust which ensures that its learners make exceptional progress, you will undoubtedly make a difference to your students’ lives. Our students are quick to tell you when you do this and their gratitude brings its own rewards. 


No 10Team-spirited - we work as a team and have fun together too


Our staff tell us that are proud to tell people where they work and enjoy their time in our schools. From sporting challenges to Secret Santa, our staff elect to spend time with one another out of the classroom – a sign of a cohesive and supportive team.


  • DanesEdTrust Image07:00 - 20/07/2019 We are delighted to announce the election of Jane Bristow as Chair of the Danes Educational Trust Board. She succeeds Rosie Faunch who moves away from the area having had a huge impact on the work of the Trust and its schools. https://t.co/TaAga08HJh
  • 08:26 - 05/07/2019 Congratulations Clement Danes School on being designated as one of the new computing hubs, supporting the vision for a world-leading computing education in England. 👏
  • DanesEdTrust Image09:10 - 04/07/2019 Absolutely delighted that one of our schools, has become one of the first of 23 National Computing Hubs. Looking forward to working closely with , , , to provide world-leading computing education. https://t.co/iczC3xHzRA
  • DanesEdTrust Image08:15 - 01/07/2019 Extremely proud to be welcoming Chancellor's School into the Danes Educational Trust today. Looking forward to 'making the difference together' for students across our three schools in Hertfordshire: and . https://t.co/ID6WibYfWx
  • DanesEdTrust Image07:00 - 29/06/2019 Last chance: A range of part-time and full-time roles across HR, Finance, Communications and Curriculum Support are now being advertised. Join our growing team at our two schools in South West Hertfordshire. Details: https://t.co/YJzTKT7Htd https://t.co/iNIFot2LKX
  • 12:42 - 26/06/2019 Opportunity to join St Clement Danes School as Site Manager, working with a fantastic team of caretakers to manage our extensive site and first rate facilities. Closing date 5th July Details: https://t.co/RTmep2TZzd https://t.co/q9MwZyknPJ
  • DanesEdTrust Image07:00 - 26/06/2019 ICYMI: A range of part-time and full-time roles across HR, Finance, Communications and Curriculum Support are now being advertised. Join our growing team at our two schools in South West Hertfordshire. Details: https://t.co/YJzTKTpiRN https://t.co/3QqRB32VB2
  • DanesEdTrust Image02:16 - 21/06/2019 What makes some schools stand out? Thought-provoking article in today by our CEO Dr Josephine Valentine, referencing and its ‘Growing the Top’ pilot. https://t.co/Jerh36O2pA