Training to teach in our schools

The Danes Educational Trust - in collaboration with the Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance - provides exceptional teacher training for graduates and career changers who have chosen to become teachers. Close cross-Trust and cross-Alliance work means that we offer a carefully designed programme which integrates trainees and NQTs into contrasting school settings where they can develop both the ability to teach and to learn on the job.

In partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, we offer the School Direct and Assessment Only routes into teaching. Mentor allocation and training is robust, drawing upon the expertise of Herts for Learning and the University of Hertfordshire, alongside our own in-house training and support. We also host PGCE trainees across subject disciplines from the Institute of Education, UCL, Middlesex University and King's College, University of London.

Trust schools have considerable experience of training teachers and recognise and value the enthusiastic contribution that they make to our school communities. Staff at the training schools share their knowledge and good practice to ensure that trainees are well supported to develop into good and outstanding teachers. 

The programmes are structured to allow trainees to develop the skills required to teach the subject that they are training in and to develop specific expertise for making a distinctive contribution to practice in their setting. Our CPD Programme is second to none.

Throughout the academic year, cross-Trust and cross-Alliance conferences and the well established cross-Trust and cross-Alliance induction programmes support the professional development of both our trainees and NQTs and enable them to forge relationships beyond their immediate context. Bespoke training in behaviour management is available upon request and as required.

School Direct placements are full-time with four days in school and one day at The University of Hertfordshire. Placements start on 1st September 2020 and finish on 30th June 2021. Training takes place in two contrasting school settings and is supported by experienced in-school mentors and university-based tutors. 


You can apply to train with us on UCAS today. Search for Parmiters School or Challoners High Bucks Hub under Postgraduate Teacher Training courses on to apply until 30th June 2020. For academic year 2020 - 21, the Trust offers unsalaried courses only. 

Please visit the following link for more information:

Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance


Bursaries 2020-2021 Date  
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  • DanesEdTrust Image02:09 - 03/03/2021 St Clement Danes School have a vacancy for an Administrator for their Music and SEN Departments. If you like a varied role and have school experience we would love to hear from you. See the link below or or for details.
  • 03:53 - 02/03/2021 We're always keen to meet trainee or qualified teachers who are interested in working . If you'd like to know more, appointments will be available at tomorrows Recruitment Fair. If you're unable to attend please email
  • DanesEdTrust Image02:26 - 26/02/2021 We are delighted that all Key Stage 3 students who submitted their final assignment during the Autumn Term 2020 for the Scholars Programme were awarded a First or a 2:1 'degree'. Very well done: fabulous commitment at such a time.
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  • 03:10 - 04/02/2021 We're looking forward to meeting more student teachers at the Teacher Careers Fair on Weds 10th February 2021. This will be a great opportunity to talk about the core values of , how we can make the difference together and our offer to NQTs. Book now!
  • 08:13 - 27/01/2021 What a wonderful way to reward and encourage.