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1. School Direct Training Programme places: How many training places are available? Do I have a good chance of securing one?

Schools decide on the type of places and subjects they will be offering for September 2022. Details of the allocations can be found on the centralised on-line application system (APPLY) and on our Danes Educational Trust website.

The selection process is competitive and priority will be given to those candidates who display high levels of commitment to our Train to Teach Programme.

2. GCSE Mathematics / English: I haven’t got GCSE Maths/English, but I am going to take a qualification this year. Can I still apply for Danes Educational Trust: ‘The Partnership’ School Direct Training Programme?

You MUST have secured a GCSE grade C or level 4 or above (or equivalent) in Maths and English BEFORE your application will be considered and you can be interviewed for a place on the programme. You may have to wait until the next academic year if all places have been allocated. You will need to produce original certificates if you are selected for interview.

3. Mathematics Degree: I have a degree in Mathematics, but I haven’t got GCSE Mathematics. Will I need to take GCSE Mathematics?

All applicants must have GCSE Mathematics or equivalent. Whilst an A Level in Mathematics is acceptable, a degree on its own is not because it is too specialised.

4. Degree Result: I will not know the class of my degree until June, can I still apply?

You may apply, pending your result. Any offer of a place will be conditional on the successful completion of your degree to the required level.

5. Degree: My initial degree is only partially relevant to the subject I wish to teach, e.g. a degree in Business Studies which includes Mathematics.

The degree must be relevant to the subject choice. A minimum of 50% of the content of the degree needs to be directly related to the subject you wish to teach. There are exceptions where other qualifications and experience may be considered. For all applicants, your other qualifications and experience will help to inform the selection committee. The final decision about the relevance or equivalency of your degree will lie with Danes Educational Trust: ‘The Partnership’ Lead School, St Clement Danes.

6. Overseas Qualifications: My initial degree is from an overseas university, am I eligible?

Possibly. You will need to approach UK ENIC www.enic.org.uk  (Tel. +44 (0)330 912 0030) to secure a certificate of confirmation of equivalence. Some public libraries offer access to the UK ENIC www.enic.org.uk  data base at no cost. You will be asked to produce this at interview if it is not attached to your application. It may be worth contacting Louisa Leonard at Danes Educational Trust with your certificate of confirmation of equivalence at the time you apply through APPLY, to speed up the application process.

7. Part-time: Can I follow the School Direct Training Programme over 2 years?

Currently, our Danes Educational Trust: ‘The Partnership’ Training Programme is designed for completion within one academic year.

8. Commitment: How many hours of study will the training consist of?

Our Danes Educational Trust: ‘The Partnership’ School Direct Training Programme is a professional training course. It requires the commitment equivalent of a serving full-time teacher in terms of the length of school day, plus additional preparatory and academic work. The programme cannot be contained with a particular number of hours per week: you must expect it to consume a large part of your time and you must be prepared to be flexible.

8.1. Commitment: When am I expected to be in school?

All schools are different. As a trainee following a professional training programme you must expect to be on the school site in much the same way as all teachers and this is typically from about 8.00am until 5.00pm or later. Playing a full part in the work, life and community of the school, you cannot expect to leave with the children. There may be variations during the year, and from school to school, but you will be expected to attend the weekly cycle of meetings within school as part of your commitment.

9. Pay: Will I still get paid?

Yes, and you should investigate the funding routes very carefully. The levels of bursary/salary change each year. They can be dependent on subject, degree level and also from school to school for the salaried route.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Louisa Leonard or Chris Price traintoteach@danesedtrust.org.uk, both of whom will be delighted to talk with you.


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